Everyone tells you when you first go to college that its really hard to be self-motivated and you never truly realize that till you start to attend. I've been going to college for almost 2 years now and yes, I have to say the hardest part of college is self-motivation. As I am sitting here writing my little rant about motivation I realized that its really hard to force yourself to attend these classes when your mind set is somewhere else. I think it would've been a better option for me to take a gap year and then attend but knowing my parents, they would absolutely lose their minds if I brought up that thought. So I sit here today not attending my classes and slowly failing, and knowing its hard to force yourself to do something that you're not passionate about. It's hard to want yourself to do better but when your mind is somewhere else you can become easily lost. I am completely lost right now.

Crush Songs

I've always been a big fan of Karen O there is something very charming about her voice. Since the first time I heard the song Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I couldn't get enough for some reason that song is very nostalgic for me. I love the slow melody and the catchy chorus of the song; thus, knowing that I love hearing her sing slow songs I heard Body I had to listen to the rest of the album. Honestly the album is fantastic I love the whole idea that this album is focused on having a "crush" on someone and I love the fact that all of her songs in this album are slow ballads. Im so obsessed and I really regret not seeing her at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.