Uniform for the new year | 1.1.15

Jacket: Zara
Cargo Pants: Zara
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Clare V.


This is literally my favorite vlog of all time, Rachel Nguyen from thats chic captured a beautiful surreal town from the music to what she talks about, this video is enrapturing.


Everyone tells you when you first go to college that its really hard to be self-motivated and you never truly realize that till you start to attend. I've been going to college for almost 2 years now and yes, I have to say the hardest part of college is self-motivation. As I am sitting here writing my little rant about motivation I realized that its really hard to force yourself to attend these classes when your mind set is somewhere else. I think it would've been a better option for me to take a gap year and then attend but knowing my parents, they would absolutely lose their minds if I brought up that thought. So I sit here today not attending my classes and slowly failing, and knowing its hard to force yourself to do something that you're not passionate about. It's hard to want yourself to do better but when your mind is somewhere else you can become easily lost. I am completely lost right now.

Crush Songs

I've always been a big fan of Karen O there is something very charming about her voice. Since the first time I heard the song Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs I couldn't get enough for some reason that song is very nostalgic for me. I love the slow melody and the catchy chorus of the song; thus, knowing that I love hearing her sing slow songs I heard Body I had to listen to the rest of the album. Honestly the album is fantastic I love the whole idea that this album is focused on having a "crush" on someone and I love the fact that all of her songs in this album are slow ballads. Im so obsessed and I really regret not seeing her at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Alexander Wang S/S 15

I tried to include some of the looks that I liked into this blog post but unfortunately the photos were too pixelated, so instead here is the full show. Am I the only one who thinks that this collection was inspired by sneakers? Such as Nike Jordans? I love the textures of the material that he chose to use in this collection I thought it brought a different aspect to portraying sneakers. The colors that he used as well also resembles what I think of when I see Nikes a lot of black, blue, red, and grey. I feel as though this is a new take on the whole sporty trend that is happening right now and some of the material that he used in this collection also reminds me of the neoprene trend that is going on currently as well. I like how he juxtaposition of the silhouettes, some were very structured and others were flowy.

My little trip to the salon

So I cut off all my blonde locks and I feel so refreshed! I had made an appointment in May with my hairstylist Anna Lee at Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood, CA and waited two months for her to work her magic on my hair. I initially had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair and previously viewing her work I trusted her and told her to do whatever she wanted with my hair. She told me my hair was overly processed from the bleach and that she wanted to cut it all off! I previously had short hair before but this has to he the shortest it's ever been and I'm loving it! I would highly recommend you to her, but she has a long wait so make an appointment quick! I will be returning to her in the future hopefully for some new color or maybe a different hair cut!