Beach day

Initially today Edward and I were suppose to go see the Mike Kelley exhibit but instead we went to Santa Monica and just sun bathed. I only took one photo because the beach was overly crowded and it was quite a spontaneous trip and I wasn't really prepared. Since it was a good 77 degrees at the beach I decided not to go into the water and just soak up the sun! 

Take me back

So during the month of January my friend Flora and I took a trip up to San Francisco to meet up with an old friend from high school, Jonathan. We crashed at Jonathan's place for the weekend and it was a much needed short vacation. On the first day after we arrived we spent the day in the Marina then had some traditional Filipino food in Daly City with my cousin and some of his friends. The second day Flora and I met up with her cousin then we went to the Fisherman's Wharf and had Boudins for lunch, luckily her cousin was generous enough to lend us her car for the whole day! We then headed to the very popular and super crowded Haight Street, we spent majority of our time exploring the little shops and walking up and down the street. I have to say Haight Street really reminded me of Venice beach in Los Angeles, CA. Later that night we went ice skating in Downtown SF it was so beautiful and honestly very painful I was super sore the next day. On our last day my friend Jonathan and I went to the Mission for some quick breakfast then rushed all the way over to the bus stop and back to LA we were. I seriously miss San Francisco and it's cold foggy weather, I wish I could go back! 

Make Music Pasadena

 Moses Sumney, Make Music Pasadena 6/7/14
Sylvan Esso, Make Music Pasadena 6/7/14

How convenient was it that Moses Sumney and Sylvan Esso were both performing on the same stage and one right after another. During June 7th, 2014 I attend Make Music Pasadena, a free music festival held every year in Pasadena, CA. I arrived right at 2 just in time to see Moses perform, though the crowd was small it was a very enjoyable experience. It was definitely one of the calmest music performances I have ever been to, he performed some songs from his Mid-City Island album, a cover, and performed a live loop on one of his new upcoming songs. I would say that the performance was very intamate. If you haven't heard any of his songs I would highly recommend Plastic and Alchemy 

Sylvan Esso performed at 3:30 and the crowd grew larger, their music was very up beat and the performance was very lively. Amelia, the singer/song writer of the two person duo had some killer dance moves that went very well with the music. They performed every song from their self titled album Sylvan Esso, some songs I would recommend are Coffee and Hey Mami. Oh! lets not forget the shoes she was wearing, they were the cutest clogs I've ever seen, I want to say they were the clogs from Alexa Chung x Madewells collection in 2010.

We planned on seeing Saint Motel right after but my friend and I got lost because we thought the stage was out of the general area, ugh sucks! At least we made it back in time for Yuna, too bad we had to maneuver our way through the crowd to actually see her. She was great and the crowd was huge! Her song Lullaby has been stuck in my head ever since, check it out on my blog if you want to listen. Afterwards we were planning on seeing Surfer blood but then we missed out because we thought we had enough time to eat and the sad part is we didn't even eat! Besides missing Saint Motel and Surfer Blood I really regret not bring my DSLR, my iPhone's quality wasn't really doing it for me. Overall I had a great experience and saw some great performers at Make Music Pasadena.

Palo Alto

Recently in May, I stumbled upon Devonté Hynes- Palo Alto on a playlist that I recently discovered and I was completely blown away. I soon realized that the song was from a soundtrack from the movie Palo Alto (based on a short story written by James Franco and directed by Gia Coopla). After listening to the entire soundtrack I was so excited to see how soundtrack ties in with the film.

The film was a great depiction of how my high school experience was for me. From the style to high school drama I would say this film is really nostalgic for me. I think this film has a really great "coming of age" story, though the ending leaves you wanting more you just need to let your imagination do the rest. I think Gia Coopla did a really great job directing the film and casting the actors/actresses even on such a low budget.

My makeup essentials

Makeup Inspiration

Lately, I've been obsessing over the dewy skin trend that's been happening recently. Something about having a highlight on the highest point of your cheeks just seems to really catch my eye. I stumbled upon a these photos on tumblr and I've been literally been obsessing over Ania Milczarczyk and how she does each look. She can make you seem like you have natural strobe lights just beaming at the highest points of your face.