My music inspiration

As my taste evolved through out the years, I have to say majority of what I listen to now originated from my eldest brother Nghi, as I can recall from the first time meeting him he always looked different from everyone else and I think that's what really lured me to be inspired by him. Today as I spent my day with him and his girlfriend Brooke he asked me if I remembered when I was little and how I would always get mad at him when he played The Velvet Underground- Stephanie Says. Of course being a 3-5 year old girl I would be annoyed but as he played it for me today, I was of course in love with the song. Something I'll never forget is the day he took me to go see The Cure live at the Pantages theater in Hollywood, CA, back in 2011. I think from that point on I was musically inspired and wanted to acquire new taste in music, so thank you big bro for inspiring me. Above is a cover that he played for me by Emiliana Torrini.

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