Palo Alto

Recently in May, I stumbled upon Devonté Hynes- Palo Alto on a playlist that I recently discovered and I was completely blown away. I soon realized that the song was from a soundtrack from the movie Palo Alto (based on a short story written by James Franco and directed by Gia Coopla). After listening to the entire soundtrack I was so excited to see how soundtrack ties in with the film.

The film was a great depiction of how my high school experience was for me. From the style to high school drama I would say this film is really nostalgic for me. I think this film has a really great "coming of age" story, though the ending leaves you wanting more you just need to let your imagination do the rest. I think Gia Coopla did a really great job directing the film and casting the actors/actresses even on such a low budget.

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